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Are you prepared for the Tooth Fairy?

We all know that the Tooth Fairy has been around for as long as we can remember. Children place their teeth tucked away safely under their pillow. While they are sleeping they hope to be visited by the Tooth Fairy and be left with a little note and perhaps some cash! Why keep doing the same ole same ole instead of switching it up! Take this time to create lifelong memories and encourage your child to learn more about their teeth!

A Dish for the Tooth Fairy!

It’s common practice to leave the tooth under a pillow, but why not try something new like placing the tooth on a dish specifically curated for the Tooth Fairy. Traipsing through your child’s room trying to avoid obnoxiously loud toys, legos, and the like is a feat in itself. Imagine completing this obstacle course only to reach your angelically sleeping child and stifling your heavy breathing in order to grab this minuscule tooth lying in wait pleading all the while your child doesn’t hear or feel you. This is the perfect opportunity to head to a store near you and grab a special Tooth Fairy dish. Better yet, find the nearest ceramic studio and make a dish with your child to create a lasting memory!

Write a note…

A great way to get your child excited for the Tooth Fairy is to write a note! The best way to make this more fun and exciting is to personalize the note so this way your child feels on top of the world. Did the word note heighten your anxiety? Not to worry! This can be a simple not it doesn’t need to be several pages long. It can be a short and simple note including your child’s name, thank you, document the date, and tooth description. The perfect ending to note is words of encouragement as this will help your child understand and embrace this process because tooth loss is inevitable and will continue.

Develop a Keepsake!

The perfect documentation tool, especially for a family that is on the move would be a keepsake journal! This is a great way to notate these special Tooth Fairy visits. Your child can be included in this keepsake journal by selecting it at the store and decorating it at home. Document the visits from the Tooth Fairy by including photos or snippets of the tooth loss memory. You can also include your current address, child’s age, and anything else special to include to relive the memory. Imagine looking back at this journal years from now or when they grow up! This is such an innovative way to document all of those precious smilestones.

Embrace their knowledge!

Embrace your child’s knowledge regarding their teeth during this time of tooth loss and Tooth Fairy Visits!

Some things to consider leaving with your child’s tooth like an extra toothbrush, floss, stickers, notes about flossing/brushing. Do you have a reward motivated kiddo? Check out these cool Tooth Fairy calendars! The team of Dentists at Foothills Pediatric Dentistry encourages enhancing children’s knowledge of their teeth! Schedule a visit today our caring and knowledgable staff uses a kid-centered approach to ensure your child’s visit is a win!


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