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Six Ways to Hone in on Pediatric Dentistry in the New Year

Children are small and so are all of those tiny teeth, but at the end of the day.. those tiny teeth all fall out so are they really even important? Absolutely! Pediatric dentistry is essential for infants all the way up to the tweens and inbetweens for a variety of reasons!

What is Pediatric Dentistry?

Pediatric Dentistry is focused dentistry that specializes in the oral health of children. This includes infants all the way to teenagers. Pediatric dentists undergo specific and specialized training in order to care for children’s teeth and the constant changing framework of their dental needs as they develop and grow.

Overall Oral Healthcare

Teeth appointments for our children look a lot different than our adult exams and seem to be a quick in and out appointment. Regardless of the differences it doesn’t discredit pediatric dentists

who are experts in their field and can help determine potential factors that can affect your child’s overall health. As your dentist provides helpful suggestions for strong healthy teeth like recommending beneficial nutritional advice it ultimately benefits your child’s overall health.

Early Diagnosis

Early diagnosis is one of the best outcomes in medicine and is crucial in preventing serious conditions. Early diagnosis with teeth alignment can help with speech and confidence. Other issues regarding teeth like receding gums, stains, and plaque buildup can be addressed, corrected, and controlled before they escalate into complex critical conditions.

Fighting Dental Anxiety

Dental anxiety is common among adults but is also highly prevalent in children. Afterall, they’re being exposed to so many new things, people, smells, stimulus, and not to mention someone rooting around in their mouth. Who wouldn’t be scared? Scheduling pediatric dental appointments early on helps children familiarize themselves with new environments, understand the processes that occur at these appointments, and can ease fears regarding dentist appointments as a whole.

Preventive Dental Care

Tiny teeth may seem trivial. They all out anyhow so what’s the big deal? It’s actually a really big deal because of all the ages children are the age group that needs the most preventive dental care. This is due to the fact that their teeth and dental framework are changing, developing, and adapting as they grow. It’s imperative to take your child’s dental care seriously through these developing stages because it’s an integral part of their oral health now but also in the future.

Certain aspects of preventive dental care like fluoride treatments, sealants, or spacers can lay the groundwork for future smiles and oral health.

Oral Hygiene Training

Oral hygiene training is a routine that every child is exposed to and expected to do. It can be challenging to introduce a brushing and eventual flossing habit! However, like any routine repetition is key and it is important to teach children at a young age about the importance of oral hygiene. If you’re still facing challenges with brushing or flossing routines with your little ones the team at Foothills Pediatric Dentistry can help! The experienced pediatric dentists can channel your child’s interests and make a monotonous activity turn into a fun and interesting one!

New year, new you, new teeth forward movement! Start the new year in the best way and schedule your child’s comprehensive dental exam today! The team at Foothills Pediatric Dentistry is wishing you a very happy New Year!

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